Noun (plural back roads) – A secondary road, a little used road, a road through rural areas sometimes used as alternate to main roads. "There was too much traffic on the highway, so I used a back road. It was very scenic but I had to keep the speed down." – (English Wiktionary)

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Bornholm's northern coast consists of raw rocks
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Denmark is a small nation, made up by lots of islands, with a very long coastline.It’s population are often referred to as the happiest in the world. Where to go? Bornholm Often referred to as “The Baltic pearl”, or “The sunshine Island”. Bornholm is a 30×30 kilometre island with amazing nature, ranging from raw vertical …


Salton Sea

Salton Sea, might be salty, but it’s a lake and not a sea. It was created in the early 1900s when farmers diverted water from the Colorado river, letting excess water run in to riverbed. In the 1950’s resorts were built along it’s coastline, and people travelled from near and far to have fun with …

Banksy's little mermaid


We are rather fond of Banksy, and his satirical protests, so how could we not jump on a plane, and visit his mock attraction “Dismaland” when it opened on the English coast? Banksy had converted an old seaside resort into a weird open air attraction, with a mix of his own, and other artists pieces. …

Discover the back road with us

Welcome to our new website. Sharing our passion for travelling and exploring our wonderful planet one mile at a time. We have been fortunate to be able to visit some beautiful destinations, and by taking the smaller backs roads, we have seen so much that you never see from the highway. We plan to share …