During our trip to Rostock, we visited Technik Muzeum Putnitz.

We had a blast on the museums offroad course during our trip in what used to be an East German military base.
We had no idea that they offered a driving experience, so it was a very nice supprise, to be ushered in behind the wheel, and sent up the very steep hills on the track.

The have several vehicles to choose between, all ex sovjet military trucks, with four-, six- and eight wheel drive.

The military base was built by the Germans, and during World War II, Luftwaffe used it as a dual airport, with a 2600 metre runway for traditional planes, as well as a bay for seaplanes. Back then it was called Damgarten Pütnitz.

After the war, the Soviet forces used it, and had a fleet of MiG-21 fighters at the base.

Where to find the museum and off-road track